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Made in Greece Intellectual Property Rights Protection Policy

Intellectual made in greece property rights (IPR) protection policy

1. Made in greece overview

Made in greece respects the intellectual property rights of others, and we expect our users to do the same. Unauthorized use of another party's materials and trademarks are dealt with severely on our websites at

2. Made in greece IPR protection

Listing of counterfeits, non-licensed replicas, or unauthorized products such as counterfeit designer garment, watches, handbags, sunglasses or other accessories is strictly prohibited on the Site.

No Greek products can be listed,promoted, sold on the Site without the explicit permission from the intellectual property right holder.
Branded Greek products are permitted to be displayed and sold on the Site if a certificate of authorization has been issued by the brand owner.

Greek Product listings of replicas, counterfeits or other unauthorized items shall be subject to removal by made in greece. Repeated listings of counterfeit or unauthorized items shall result in the immediate suspension of the offender's Membership.

3. Made in greece repeat violations of our IPR policy may result in a range of actions, including:

- Removal of listing/listings
- Account suspension
- Dissolution of membership service agreement

4. Made in greece infringement claims

The following actions are used as a deterrent against infringement of IPR:

- Voluntary review and removal of listings that appear to offer counterfeit, non-licensed replicas or unauthorized items
- Prompt removal of listing(s) when an intellectual property infringement claim is filed by the trademark holder against any Member who displayed such listing(s)
- Written notification with appropriate reason(s) given to Members who have their product(s) removed on the Site for suspicion of infringing the IPR of others
- Written notification to Members whose listings are claimed to infringe on other's IPR. Parties involved will have equal opportunities to respond to such charges.
- Termination, when appropriate, of the accounts of Members who are repeat offenders

With the big number millions of Members trading on the Site each day, we expect each and every Member to behave responsibly. We appreciate the assistance given by all members to report any IPR infringement.

We request those who assert claims of infringement to stand behind their claims. By submitting a report of alleged infringement to made in greece, you agree to indemnify made in greece against claims or damages arising from the removal of the listing.

Made in greece is not an arbitrator or judge of disputes about intellectual property rights. By taking down a listing, as a prudential action, made in greece is not endorsing a claim of infringement. In those instances in which made in greece declines to take down a listing, it does not mean that made in greece is determining that the listing is not infringing or Made in Greece is endorsing the promotion, sale of goods in such cases.

5. How to report an alleged IPR infringement to Made in Greece:

1. If you have a belief that a listing on the Site infringes your copyright, trademark, patent or other intellectual property rights, you may contact us on

2. Upon the Notice, we will promptly evaluate your complaint, and in cases where it is appropriate, we will expeditiously take down the listing referred to in your claim.

3. We will notify the member in writing of the removal of the claimed infringing product listing and provide the member with your contact information so that the member may contact you directly and with an opportunity to respond.

4. If the member objects to the removal of the alleged infringing product listing, the member may submit to us an appropriate counter-notice to dispute the claim. Upon receipt of such counter-notice, we may resume the member’s listing unless we receive notice from you that an action has been filed against the member in a court of competent jurisdiction for infringement of your intellectual property rights.

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