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Novelty: Innovative Smart surveillance and monitoring Camera
Smart Camera SC-80, low cost smart surveillance and monitoring camera

SmartCam80 is an integrated vision sensor targeting surveillance and monitoring applications.Building upon the expertise of DIAPLOUS in industrial vision SmartCam80 provides a new level of schene analysis thatwould require costly high-end server-side VCA to implement otherwise.

Target Applications
• Surveillance
• Pool-safety Monitoring
•Non-intrusive monitoring of Elderly & Disabled persons at home

Major Features
• Small Integrated Vision System
• Image resolution up to 3Mpixels
• Configurable via any http browser
• No-video stream (blind mode) support Technology
•Custom ASIC with dual-core processing and dedicated hardware accelerators
• Special architecture to minimise need for memory transfers

Scene & Event Analysis Capabilities
Virtual Fence /virtual door:
Define fences/doors and detect persons passing buy
Detection of Presence: Detect if there is a person in a defined region
Face & Gesture Rec.: For User Interface, Control, Person Tracking etc.
Movement detection: When an object or person moves, keep track of the movement path
Abandoned Objects: Detect if an object has been moved in and left there unattended
Non-moving Person detect: When there is a person who does not move, can generate an alarm event
Align to reference points: Automatically adapted ROIs and Virtual Fences
Auto image stabilisation: To minimise effect of shaking camera
Panic-mode: Transmits image when someone tries to move the camera out of view.
HW-only Wake-on-Event: Simple events can be detected in HW with the rest of the system in sleep mode to achieve low power operation
RoI & Blind-Zone: User can define any shape and number of ROI or set Blind zones.
Handover: Tracking of moving persons can continue from one camera to the next so that the whole path of motion is recorded in multi-sensor installations.

• Custom ASIC with dual-core processing and dedicated hardware accelerators
• Special architecture to minimise need for memory transfers

• User interface through gesture recognition
• Embedded HTTP server for configuration
• VGA output (option)
• Ethernet with PoE
• Optional RF connection (ZigBee/DECT)
• Additional digital I/O for connection to control infrastructure

Supplier Details
  Diaplous Ltd
  Greek Companies Type:
  Producer, Trading Company  
Contact Details
Online Showroom1 Greek Products
Product Details
Place of Origin:Greece
Model Number:SC-80
Minimum Order Quantity:1  Piece/Pieces
Price:500,00 €  Piece/Pieces
Production Capacity:100  Piece/Pieces ,  Per:     Month
Delivery Time:4 - 8 weeks
Technical Details
Supported Frame Rates:90fps reduced resolution, 15fps full resolution
Image resolution:From 320x240 up to 2048x1536
Configuration:Throught Embedded HTTP Server
Blind mode support:In cases where personal-data-protection rules do not allow recording but we still
Power Supply:Through Wallmount PSU or via Power-over-Ethernet
Software:Embedded OS with full TCP/IP stack
API:Two layer API for novice and experienced users.
Dedicated Processing:Custom ASIC with dual-core processing and dedicated HW accelerators
Optimised Memory Access:Special DMA structures to minimise need of transfers outside the ASIC
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