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PV Roofing Systems

Photovoltaics are converting solar energy to electrical power and constitute one of the most accepted and often used methods of electrical energy production from renewable sources, contributing significantly in the protection of the environment by using solar energy which is clean, renewable, environmental friendly and inexhaustibly.

There are a lot of PV technologies like crystalline, thin film, hybrid etc, which are improving constantly, providing better efficiency in lower cost. The last years, there is rising interest in installation of PVs in buildings. Especially, roofs are million square meters of unexploited surface, which could be used for the production of electric power by taking advantage the solar energy and today technology provides efficient solutions for installation of PV systems on flat roofs.

The most suitable PVs for flat roofs are the thin film technology that are integrated onto the building (BIPV) becoming a part of the structure. Nowdays, these systems are combined with hi quality synthetic roofing membranes, creating combined systems that provide waterproofing and energy production at the same time on flat roofs, giving reliable, sustainable, efficient and ecological solutions to engineers, architects, investors and privates.

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Brand Name:ALTO
Model Number:PV Roofing Systems
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