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Thermal Insulation

It is known that air develops the biggest resistance to thermal transmission since it is unmovable and it's that property that is used to describe best the thermal insulating materials. The more air we can trap or else the more is the air's movement blocked into a material's mass the bigger resistance to thermal transmission is developed and in scientific language "the material develops smaller thermal conduction factor (e)." This factor of course is not unique since it is strongly affected by the temperature (makes it inconstant), the humidity (negatively), the material source, the environment etc.

The most important properties that should be taken under consideration are the following:

  • Material's thermal conductivity 'λ' and the temperature it is referred to.
  • Water absorption properties when in wet environment.
  • Resistance at water vapor diffusion.
  • The temperature rate within it keeps its properties fixed.
  • Its classification based on fire behavior (fire resistance).
  • Its behavior through time.
  • Its mechanical resistance (compression, linear expansion factor etc.).
  • Chemical reactions with other materials, the environment or chemical abstracts.
  • Sound absorption.
  • Specific gravity.
  • Solar radiation resistance.
  • Damage from insects or rodents.

Thermal insulating materials are classified according to their source components into organic and inorganic, according to the process they are prompted before they are offered into physical and technical, according to their structure into open-close cell and according to their specific gravity into heavy and light.

The materials are examined as follows:
  • Open structure inorganic technical materials:Glasswool,Rockwool.
  • Close structure inorganic technical materials:Cellular grass, perlite, building blocks and panels.
  • Close structure organic technical materials:Extruded polystyrene, expanded polystyrene, polyurethane, phenolic foam.
  • Open structure organic technical materials:Heraklith.

Our company offers them for the proper installation of the materials above and they are:
Accessories (insulation panel fixings )
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