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Solid Oak Flooring ZEUS - Oak Antique / Oak Hand scraped
ZEUS Line of RELMAT consists of a series of prefinished hardwood floors that come from natural wood and can be offered in several species (Oak, Kempas, Merbau, Teak, Bamboo). The choice for a wooden floor usually depends on the desired colour as well as the use of the area.
With tongue & groove system, cut by diamond-tip tooling, RELMAT Solid Parquet gives a uniform and stable fit whether you nail, glue or float the installation.
As a prefinished product, the varnish is laid on all sides of the plank and under the following structure: 5 layers, plus 2 layers from Aluminum Oxide on the top surface and 2 layers on the bottom and the sides. The main reason for this structure is to ensure the total protection of the parquet, as the varnish made from German company TREFFERT is known for providing:

1. Resistance to scratches , moisture, Impact, household materials, stains, etc., cigarette burns and UV rays
2. Protection against wood bacteria
Oak flooring is one of the strongest and most stable floors, ideal both for residential and commercial uses.
Hardwood flooring of oak lacquered in dark brown color. It is offered in Standard treatment (Oak Antique), and (Oak Hand-scraped) which is scraped to look old-style. Grade ABC.
Available colors
Oak Antique Oak Hand Scraped


120mm x 18mm x 400-1500mm

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  Relmat Parquet
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Place of Origin:Greece
Brand Name:Relmat
Model Number:ZEUS LINE SOLID OAK FLOOR - Oak Antique/Oak Hand-scraped
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