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Paper Cases - Carton boxes - Packaging

Variety of cases

The grams of paper that we use for the production of cases from corrugated board start from 100gr. and reach up to 200gr, and they can vary by: 105gr. 112gr. 127gr. 140gr. 150gr. 165gr. 175gr. 186gr. 200gr.

The combination of these papers gives us the end result of the single face , single wall, and double wall board.

The flute also varies in terms of size depending on the height of the corrugation:

  • E-flute (1.2mm)
  • B-flute (2.6mm)
  • C-flute (3.6mm)

The end product starts from 250gr (single face) and can reach up to 1,100gr (double wall). The larger size, of a corrugated board sheet, that can be produced is 2500 x 4000 (mm), while the smaller can be specified according the needs and demands of the client in accordance with our capabilities.

The quality of the products is specified from the combination of the paper and is based on the stacking strength. The combination of the papers and the correct measurement in the excellent equipped quality control laboratory, we are able to find the resistance that each and every different products needs. We take under consideration real life conditions and we make correct predictions in order your product to be completely safe. Some of the measurements we make in order to reach to the perfect quality are:

  • BCT- box compression test
  • ETC- edge crush test
  • RTC- ring crush test
  • FTC- flat crush test
  • Bursting strength
  • Cobb test
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Brand Name:Haitoglou - Hartel SA
Model Number:Paper Cases - Carton boxes - Packaging
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