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WATERBLOCK - Waterproofing for Basements and Tanks

WATERBLOCK is an inorganic brushable waterproofing mortar in powder form, which is simply mixed with water. It contains cement, silicate aggregates and chemical additives, creating waterproofing compounds of calcium and significantly improves bonding and workability.

After hardening, WATERBLOCK creates a totally rigid and waterproofing coating. If for any reason the substrate is expected to create cracks, WATERBLOCK must be elastified by using VIMAFLEX, which is a liquid elastifying agent for mortars.
Totally suitable for constant contact with water
Offers limitless protection from water, because it is an inorganic material that does not age.
The layer that it forms is total waterproofing against hydrostatic pressure, in accordance with DIN 1048
Although water impermeable, it is vapour permeable, allowing the building elements to breathe.
Suitable for potable water tanks, because it does not contain toxic substances.


  • Basements – water tanks – swimming pools – drains – flower stands – terrace gardens – sewage pits – biological treatment tanks – tunnels – damp places in general (under tiles).
  • Ideal for waterproofing in cases of simple dampness and even water under pressure.
  • Can be used for waterproofing basements on the internal side (also at a later stage), because it can withstand negative pressures of water due to high bonding to substrate.
  • Suitable for waterproofing external walls when applied under the plaster (e.g. near the ground surface).
  • In combination with the elastifying agent VIMAFLEX and fiberglass mesh or chapped mat as reinforcement it can be applied for waterproofing terraces either covered (in grey color) or exposed to the sun (in white color).

Technical Data
In accordance with the report issued by the Institute of Compact Constructions and Technology of Building Materials, University of Karlsruhe (TH).

Bulk density of dry mortar:1.31 kg/l
Fresh mortar:Porosity: 8.4% of volume (DIN 1015-7)
Effect weight: 1.84 kg/l (DIN 1015-6)
Adhesion: modulus of expansion = 21.0 cm
(DIN 1015-3)
Hardened mortar after 7 days, with constant
presence of water:

Effect weight: 1.9 kg/l
Compressive strength: 20.4 N/mm2 (DIN EN 196-1)
Tensile strength in flexure: 5.2 N/mm2 (DIN 196-1)

Water permeability:

Test was carried out in accordance with DIN 1048-5 under pressure of 1.5 bar (15 m water column) for 28 days; no moisture was observed in the substrate plate concrete (average thickness of waterproofing mortar: 2.8 mm)

Bonding strength:

1.6 N/mm2 (in accordance with DIN EN 1348)
There was adhesion rupture in the aterproofing mortar*

Vapour permeability:

58.3 g/m2
⋅ 24h (DIN EN ISO 7783-1 replacing DIN 52615)

Water vapour diffusion resistance coefficient: μ = 63
Εquivalent air thickness for mortar coating
s=4,2 mm:
sd = μ ⋅ s = 0.27 m
Suitability for contact
with potable water:

WATERBLOCK is suitable for use in potable water tanks, in accordance with the respective report issued by the Laborabory of Analytical Chemistry, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

Technical sheet

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Product Details
Certification:DIN 1048
Place of Origin:Greece
Brand Name:VIMATEC
Place of loading:Thessaloniki, Greece
Packaging Details: in 25 kg bag
Technical Details
Colours:Grey, White
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