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Novelty: Sundried Cherry Tomatoes
Sundried Cherry Tomatoes from Lesbos

Sundried Cherry Tomatoes from Lesbos

The cherry tomatoes are grown in Messotopos, a small village on the island of Lesbos or Lesvos which is the third largest island of Greece and the eighth largest in the Mediterranean Sea in the northern Aegean Sea lies near to the east Turkish coast.

Lesbos is located in the transition zone of the Mediterranean winter rainfall climate, so that large differences between minimum and maximum daily temperatures characterize the climate of the island.

In Greek mythology, was also named the island Patron "Lesbos," the son of Lapithes who married Methymna and here came the famous ancient poet Sappho.

The sun dried Cherry Tomatoes usually have their place in the warm summer months when the days are long and hot.

The cherry tomatoes are collected at the beginning of June and according to the old traditional ways dried in the sun. This drying technique goes back to a centuries-old tradition and is a proven method, to keep a portion of the tomato harvest for the winter period.

The whole village of Messotopos smells of their special flavor.

A small proportion of the crop is used for sun dried tomatoes packed in bags; the vast majority of it is bottled according to classic methode and proceed for the production of the Gourmet Pate.

Natural Greek Condiments offers to gourmet funs a limited annual production of cultivate Cherry tomatoes free of preservatives.

Our tips:

Wonderful aromatic, juicy and mild spicy taste - are the dried tomatoes as an appetizer, in salads or chopped into pasta sauces or sliced in pasta – sauces or as snack a pleasant bite always the perfect consistency. Dried tomatoes are an aromatic ingredient in salads, pasta sauces, stews and baked potatoes.

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