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Novelty: SPORADES SOAP – The traditional Olive Oil Soap
Traditional: SPORADES SOAP – The traditional Olive Oil Soap
SPORADES SOAP – The traditional Olive Oil Soap

SPORADES SOAP – The traditional Olive Oil Soap

100% natural and handmade olive oil soap, with warm method

plain or scented with essential oils of balsam, lavender or mint

Useful Information and Benefits of the product

A. The History of the Sporades Soaps

On the green island of Skopelos, the traditional soap factory of Sporades Soap is producing since 1914 for three generations the handmade traditional olive oil soap, a pure, traditional soap without chemicals or other additives. Almost a century ago our producer, Grypiotis together with his family began to produce olive oil soap passing knowlege from one generation to the next until now. Today the soap production based on this traditional recipe continues to be produced with the most difficult warm method. This is also the secret recipe of our producer.

Mixed with an equal amount of water, the olive oil is boiled for about eight hours in a saponification process.The soap resulting from this traditional process of boiling, either plain, or with the addition of essential oils of balsam (sedge),peppermint, or lavender, is placed in small, handcrafted molds. It is then left to cool for 12 hours, before being transferred to wooden trays to dry and then placed, one by one, in small cartons.

The basic ingredient used for Sporades soap is olive oil.Sporades Soaps production is based on eternal olive oil's nutritional value. We produce the plain olive white soap but also soaps scented with essential oils of balsam, peppermint, or lavender.

All of them are 100% natural and absolutely ecological.
There are 4 different Soaps Sporades categories available:

1. Balsam (Sedge ) Olive Oil soap. Containing sedge essense. Anti-inflammatory, healing effect.

The soap is enriched with balsam (sedge) essential oil, which abounds in the greenest island of Greece. The balsam is collected every year in May from the mountains of the island, where olive oil containers are transported. This is because the flower dries out within a few hours from the time it is cut, so in order to produce the essential oil, the plant needs to be placed in olive oil containers where it remains for many months. In Skopelos, locals call the balsam plant «Kalokrasou» (roughly meaning “Good-winein Greek), because they used to put water with plenty of balsam inside wine barrels. The wood of the barrel absorbed the properties of balsam, and later conveyed that in essence to the wine; as a result, the wine that came from these barrels was of excellent quality (good wine - Kalokrasou). Balsam, since the times of Galenus and Pedanius Dioscorides, is considered to have precious healing properties as well as curing various skin inflammations.

2. Lavender Olive Oil soap. Containing lavender essense. Tranquilizing effect.

The soap is enriched with lavender essential oil, which from antiquity until today, has been characterized by its special antiseptic and relaxing properties, as well as its exquisite natural perfume.

3. Mint Olive Oil soap. Containing mint essense. Refreshing healing effect.

The soap is enriched withmint essential oil (Minth in ancient Greek), which has been timelessly considered an exceptional, natural aromatic that offers a unique and pleasant cooling sensation.

4. Pure white Olive Oil soap. Relaxing effect.

It is worth noting that a natural soap that contains expensive essential oils of various flowers, cannot have an intense fragrance since it just transports the natural scent of the flower, unlike an ordinary soap with a chemical fragrance.


1. The warm method over the cold method

2. The NaOH our soap is at 0.0%

  • The warm method for the soap production you can find very rare, but they assured loudly chemical analyzes, the elimination of the ingredinet NaOH to zero, which cannot be reached with the cold method.

  • Our soap cleans deeply and protects the most sensitive skin.

  • It is ideal for those allergic, hypersensitive skins ; an outside body care for skin problem and babies skin.

  • It has an antibacterial effect and helps not only for the exterior body care as well as for cleaning and simultaneously protecting wounds after surgery and has cure features for the skin.

  • The olive oil supports the skin and is used for natural function of the skin respiration. The necessary moisture the skin is preserved and so can breathe better and sweat.

  • It also serves as a natural protection for the skin against the effects of the weather the sun, against ultraviolet rays that favor different sun allergies.

  • There are no artificial additives and this is why it produces little foam and has a neutral flavor.

  • It is to care for every skin type and hair; It also promotes hair growth.

  • The consume of this soap is three times more, a triply duration , than that of other soaps such as when a normal soap has a consume of 10 days, our olive oil soap has a consume of 30 days.

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