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Awarded: Silver Medal of High Quality (Biolmiel 2012), First Prize for Best Packaging and Labelling (Biolmiel 2011) (relative file)
Traditional: Traditional Greek honey

On the north-west of the Ionian Sea is the tiny island of Erikoussa. A small strip of land, barely 4 sq km long, rich in thyme, brier, myrtle and native varieties of aromatic plants. From this blessed land of exceptional flora comes the unique Erikoussa honey “μ” [m].

Few kilometers eastwards, the organic honey of Corfu is produced. Collected from six different areas of the island, each with a unique flora, the Corfu honey “μ” offers a distinctive taste and rich aromas.

“μ” is a world-class honey, sold in an award winning packaging to match its award winning taste. It is a pure and natural product, produced in limited quantities, from a second generation family-run farm, committed to bio-efficacy and sustainable agriculture.

Organic “μ”, Erikoussa honey

Certified organic pure honey with intense aromas of myrtle, thyme, rosemary and briar. Contains 60-70% myrtle.[400g, 750g]

Organic “μ”, Corfu honey

A fine honey, unique in flavour and purity. Rich and dense from the nectar of herbs, such as thyme, oregano, mountain tea, sage, mint, savory and other local aromatic herbs. [400g, 750g]

“μ”, Corfu honey

Pure and natural honey from pine, fir and wild flowers, free from pesticides, antibiotics or other similar chemical residues. Only authentic flavours and aromas of the Greek flora. [400g, 750g]
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Certification:HACCP, ISO 22000, Bureau veritas, Dio, Bio nach
Place of Origin:Greece
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