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Traditional: Traditional corfiot salami, traditional noumboulo, graviera sausage, gyros, souvlaki
Meats & charcuterie

Traditional recipes from the Lavranos family bring us this unique selection of naturally aged, gourmet sausages and meats. Our handmade corfiot noumboulo and salami are marinated in local herbs and spices, then slow-smocked over aromatic stems of sage, bay or other herbs, to add rich flavours and aromas. The sausages are made from 100% pork meet and enriched with pure ingredients, such as graviera cheese, leeks or spices. All meats and sausages are made in small batches, with real flavours, no artificial seasonings, additives, casings or fillers; just juicy chunks of meat and natural ingredients. The way it has been done for hundreds of years.

Corfiot Noumboulo

Traditional Corfiot Noumboulo Foumikado, made following the secret recipe of the Lavranos family. Pork meat, marinated in herbs and spices, filled in natural casings and slow-smocked over sage, dried pennyroyal mint, schinus, bay and other. Its taste resembles to proscuitto. Serve in thin slices. (~350g, whole piece, vacuum)

Traditional Corfiot Salado

Salado is the traditional salami of Corfu made with pork meat, garlic, sea salt, pepper and local herbs. The salami is naturally aged in the island’s microclimate, then slow-smocked over aromatic plant stems, which infuse it with unique flavours and aromas. Serve in thin slices and pair it with beer. (~300g,
whole piece, vacuum)

Slow-smoked pork

Whole pieces of lean pork meat, marinated in herbs and spices, slowly smoked over beech wood and aromatic plant stems. Cut in thin slices or cubes. Serve at room temperature or fry lightly in a skillet for a few minutes to release its rich aromas. [~300g (3 slices), ~1kg (whole piece), vacuum]

Pork & Graviera Cheese Sausage

A tasty light sausage, ideally combining the flavour of pork with Greek graviera cheese. The secret in cooking these sausages is not to carve them. Once you see the cheese spilling out, then this wonderful meal is ready to serve. Perfect for children and adults alike. (
~650g, 1kg, 3kg, vacuum)

Pork & Leek Sausage

A delicious pork sausage flavoured with leeks and infused with pure spices. A unique recipe for a compelling dinner treat that will satisfy any appetite. (~500g
, 1kg, 3kg, vacuum)

Spicy Pork Sausage

Wholesome flavours and a distinctive spice make this pork sausage an ideal meze, a great ingredient for a pasta sauce or a perfect barbeque meal. Enjoy with some wine or beer. (
~500g, 1kg, 3kg, vacuum)

Also available:

Gyros (pork, chicken), Souvlaki (pork, chicken), Kebab (2kg), Kokoretsi (3kg), Kontosouvli, Seftalia (1,3 kg), Soutzoukaki (2, 4kg), Gardouba (2kg), Veal noumboulo (350g), Veal sausages (500g), “Riganato” sausages (650g), Frankfurter sausages (500g), Chicken Frankfurter sausages (500g), Smocked pancetta (300, 1kg, 1.5kg), Smocked pork ham (300g, 1kg, 1.5kg), Collar bacon (300g, 1kg, 1.5kg), Boiled ham (3.6kg), Boiled turkey fillet (3.6kg), Smocked turkey fillet (3.6kg), Picnic (3.6kg)

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Place of Origin:Greece
Brand Name:CoMeCo
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