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Traditional: The best collection of Rizitika songs by the Great master of Cretan music Kostas Mountakis
Kostas Mountakis Rizitika
Rooted in the majestic mountains of Chania, "Madares", the rizitika stung him inside.Such songs have been sung by whole generations· Imposing, lively, austere, Doric or with Byzantine grandeur, full of passion and popular mysticism, they come from the depths of time, connecting the past with the present. Passion and simplicity, colour and a wide range of versions through time, as well as the lack of rhyme lend them an innate elegance, typical of the most refined art, while the billowy clouds hovering over the Madares mountains lend them power and musicality.
Kostas Mountakis felt that the music of the songs that sprang from the Cretan souls made him quiver with excitement. It is the eternal light of Crete that takes freedom and passion from the tomb and gives them life again.The artist loved his ancestors and their music works. He knew that everything reoccurred, transformed through the timeless, rather than the eternal return of the unique, and not of the same, thing.Therefore, Mountakis never missed the opportunity of resurrecting rizitika by bringing them in the limelight,either through discography, or through his concerts. It is a rare moment for that our popular musician sang Rizitika on the most sacred site of the Greek antiquity, Delphi.
The present recordings that SEISTRON offers our audience with great reverence to the artist are a carefully selected compilation of such appearances.We are fully aware of the fact that in order for the Cretan music to continue its course in history, pioneering and inspired music works are a prerequisite. We believe that we offer one more treasure to music lovers, not only as regards music, but also for study and inspiration.Likewise, by studying rizitika, Mountakis came up with his own compositions.Hence, by listening to the Great Master and by studying his work we reiterate the following: Kostas Mountakis will always live through his work! while we hope that he regards us as his descendants!
Kostis Moudatsos
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  Aerakis Cretan Musical Workshop and Seistron
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  Producer, Trading Company  
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Place of Origin:Greece
Model Number:ΑΜΑ140
Minimum Order Quantity:1  Piece/Pieces
Price:10,00 €  Piece/Pieces
Type of Pricing:EX-Works
Place of loading:Heraklion Crete
Payment Terms:Western Union, Other
Production Capacity:1000  Piece/Pieces ,  Per:     Month
Packaging Details:cd digi pack with paper case
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