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The dialing keyboard INTD1001, with plenty of functions embodied in its program, could be used, in elevators for dialing, in alarm systems for entering code, even like a keyboard accompanied with an emergency phone that our company offers.
Eight (8) relays on board and Eight (8) relays on an option external extension board
All functions could be activated separately for each relay.
Simple BUTTON (single)
Dial with code (code on)
Lock with code (code on/code off)
Technical characteristics
Metal nickel-plated of 12 keys.
Anti Vandale type.
Working Voltage 12-24 volt AC/DC
Working Current 20 mA
Voltage and current of relays contacts 125Volt/10A
For placing the apparatus a window of 52×68 mm must be opened on the operation panel.
Alternative 12 windows could be opened for the keys in the size and place of keys.
Afterwards the keyboard is being placed with 4 screws M3 X 20.
There is a terminal over the PCB of the keyboard with symbols + / -.
The power is connected hear. There is no use of checking the polarity if current is AC.
In the second terminal with 9 positions we connect the common of calls to C and we get the equivalent returns from 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8
If there is the extension pcb for up to 8 floors there are 2 rows of 9 terminals each.
Each row has one terminal for common (C1 common for 1-8 floors, C2 common for 9-16 floors)
The factory preset is for the use ofoperation panel


That is to say, by pressing in correspondence keys 1 to 8 then the equivalent RELAYS are loaded for the time that the button is pressed. (For calls 9..16 an extension PCB must be placed)
Function of each relay
1simple press button
2 dialing with code
Dialing with code options:
1 Relay armed for determined time
2 Relay armed when code entered , relay disarmed when code re-entered (latch function)
Switching from a simple BUTTON to dialing with code
(a different code can be placed for each relay)
*ff*xxx*ccc* for 3 digit code
*ff*xxx*cc* for 2 digit code
ff = number of relay eg. 03 for the third relay
xxx = old code (the factory preset code is 000)
ccc = new code
eg. placing code 564 for second relay (for the first time)
the procedure is:
*02*000*564* <change the old code 000 to new 564 for relay 2>
To change again:
*02*564*114* <change the old code 564 to new 114 for relay 2>
if the code of the relay 2 is 114 then you have to dial 2114 to enable this relay.
Now the function of the particular relay is:
Code entered: Relay armed for the time determined by function *91* (delay time)
Switching from <dialing with code> to simple <press Button>
ff = number of relay eg. 02 for the second relay
ccc = present code
eg *02*114*
Change the activation time of Relays
Where ss = number of seconds
RELAY will remain armed for the time determined by ss
( this function will change the activation time of all relays that uses delay time)
Latch Function
There is the ability of changing the function <dialing with code> to:
Code entered =Relay ON , code re-entered= Relay OFF
,as shown below:
*92*ff* activating the function of locking RELAY
*92*ff# deactivating the function of locking RELAY
ff = number of relay
eg for the second relay
*92*02* = enable Latch function for relay 2
*92*02# = disable Latch function for relay 2
Restoring factory settings (reset)
For restoring factory settings and canceling all codes power must be disconnect the power supply
Terminal (+.-) , while pressing the keys *# simultaneously power on the device and waiting until the acoustic signal stops.
Note: beep signal for all commands
The apparatus gives an acoustic signal in every setting attempt in the following way:
One beep 0,5 sec = wrong attempt-code please repeat the procedure from the beginning.
Two beep = your command is been accepted.
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