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SignatureWeb is an Authorized Signature Management & Distribution System
Nearly 50 million lists of authorized signatures are exchanged between banks - partners worldwide each year, an unnecessarily large number, as only a few signatures are required. Most banks also distribute these lists internally, further increasing the number of copies. The disadvantage of this schema includes high production costs, long delays in retrieval of signatures and, most importantly, lists that are not up to date. Many banks also want to have their authorized signatures stored in an internal host sharing their lists, even with their subsidiaries.

Use of the Internet or Intranet is what can simplify this process.

Signature Web is an Authorized Signature Management & Distribution System, used by Banks and other organizations and is composed of two separates utilities.

SignManage: allows the administrator of the system to manage the server database and obtain the signature samples via file

SignView: allows authenticated users to connect to the server via Intranet or Internet in order to perform searches for signature samples of Bank managers

Product Advantages:

  • Banks maintain exclusive control over their own signatures, but can allow other users to obtain samples of authorized signatures for verification purposes.
  • Increases the speed of obtaining the sample and ability to get it any time of the day, even on holidays.
  • Increase in the reliability of search results since the changes in the database are reflected in real time.
  • Complete elimination of errors caused by transportation of physical objects like paper copies and CDs.
  • Familiar and intuitive web interface, multilingual software and environment-friendly technology
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