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Cash-in: Intraday Liquidity Management
Comprehensive, real-time information to improve cash and liquidity management

The software solution Cash-in™ is intended to be used by the Treasury (Back or Middle Office) of the Bank.

It offers accurate, complete and real-time information about the available funds of the NOSTRO accounts as well as the overall position of the Bank for a specific currency, drastically improving the cash management and liquidity.

Liquidity Management?

The management of liquidity on a real-time basis is paramount if a bank is not to run into difficulties during the day. What will be the cost of intra-day borrowing? Banks with excess liquidity are already gearing up with real-time liquidity management so that they can sell liquidity intra-day. The alternative, which is using repos in real-time gross payment systems to raise liquidity when there is a shortfall of funds, costs the bank money, not only in charges but also in using valuable collateral which could be generating revenue for the bank through securities lending or repos. This pressure will increase, so banks need to manage their liquidity in a very tightly controlled manner. The overnight batch report followed by the morning tick-back reconciliation is no longer adequate in the time critical world of CLS and the real-time world of RTGS systems.

Liquidity Management - Real Time & Intra Day

Intra-day reconciliation enables financial institutions to forecast cash flows more effectively and manage liquidity on a real-time basis, enabling greater control of a firm’s financial exposure and greater ability to exploit market trends.

The ability to reconcile intra-day as opposed to on an overnight batch basis significantly reduces risk exposure, as slow-to-settle transactions are immediately identified and located.

Liquidity Forecasting

Cash-in™ modules uses SWIFT cash movement MT messages and matches between submitted and received ones and against transactions received from the Legacy Systems to provide real-time account balances, enabling intra-day reporting, intra-day valuation and intra-day risk management.

By deploying B&R Cash-in™ solution banks are able to project the ledger items expected to be settled during the day and then monitor the flow of monies coming into the account. This enables more effective use of cash balances.

The display of real time forecasting, confirmed and waiting balances provided by the Cash-in™ modules enables funding actions to be taken against a cash shortfall, or the opportunity for a cash surplus to be reinvested.

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