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Electronic Protocol & Document Management System

A modern application designe to meet the needs of the Protocol Department of any public sector organisation. All work is carried out via one central, functionally-designed screen so that pointless movements are avoided.

  • Easily adaptable to small, single-user facilities and to complex multi-user ones.Supports complex cases of simultaneous opertion and the co-existence of numerous protocol offices.
  • Automatic protocol numbering with the option for dual numbering if necessary.
  • Internal document dispatch and designation procedures.Dispatch of cover letters and actioning update procedures.
  • Smartly-designed screen for all work task: incoming-outgoing correspondence management;assignment to directorate, department, employee; filing based on physical file management; links to previous or later documents; historical processing data.
  • One screen featuring numerous options witch designed to make the entire protocol process easier: online help; new document; delete save; new related document; chain of related documents; new action; assignment; link to electronic file; show next, previous last number; print out delivery receipt; search; add notes. etc.
  • Easy to use index, direct availability, with all data presented in columns.
  • Easy classification and filtering procedures for documents which appear on screen or in printouts.
  • Document search using keywords contained in documents.
  • Uniform support for filing and management of all file types (documents, Images, fax, .doc and .xls files, multimedia, etc.)
  • In-built scanning procedure with the option to set scanning parameters. Option to reproduce attached documents.
  • Multiple and simultaneous assignment of documents per directorate, department, employment and coverage of internal dispatch requirements for attached electronic documents.
  • Recipient updates showing the accompanying document number and read receipt sent to sender.
  • Ready responses and options to repeat previous entry.
  • Links to all registered documents (past and future). Directly availble chain of related documents, which allows for easy switching to the desired document.
  • Full monitoring of processing activities per data and process.
  • Printout of delivery receipt and unlimited comments space available.
  • Use of specific processes when implementing a project, such as iterative development, customer requirements management, visual modelling, ongoing quality assurance, software change management and use of an architecture, which permits systems to be developed dy combinig existing systems.
  • Data sharing and storage on most modern relational databases (Oracle, MS SQL Server, Sybase).
  • Full GUI interface and generalised use of mouse, menus, wizards, etc.
  • Communication with users using their day-to-day jargon. Data correctness ensured using multiple means (logical correctness checks) before posting.
  • Confirmation of critical activities such as delete Historical change log.
  • Powerful report generator allowing an ultimited increase in the list of reports delivered on installation. All user reports are included in the system report menu with an option to previw/edit or point or export to other applications.
  • Data protection, security, and transfer, backups, table imports/exports to and from the database in Windows ASCII, Excel, Access format.
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