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pro djs and bands for events crete

pro djs and bands for events crete

In today's era of occupation dj (disc jockey) or a Music band is not only to choose some songs or playing simply by putting one after another. A professional D.J. or Musician is above all a good psychologist. Is someone who has devoted a long life of 3-6 years or more several times as in any science to learn a musical instrument. Someone who understands and can read the emotions of the world on whom is playing, something that only comes from many years of experience in directing so the audience at a higher point pleasure.

A professional DJ can create a beautiful atmosphere for our guests of the hotel, where the animation team, or more often does not exist, or did not have the opportunity due to lack of musical repertoire and experience to keep the interest on undiminished 3-4 hours. Also, live orchestras such as jazz bands or classical duets can give a special emotion feelings to the audience.

So apart from the usual fun of the animation team, which can offer a hotel, there may be the HOTEL PARTIES with music by a professional DJ, or live orchestra with the participation of one, from two to seven musicians or even a combination of both, DJ and Orchestra.

Through the experience almost 20 years, and not accidentally, the DJs & Musicians of Sounddesign have the possibility of huge musical repertoire from old golden decades eg '60,'70,'80,'90 'till to present the latest achievements, so that they can adapt their repertoire according to the age of customers and their nationality. So given the opportunity to customers-occupiers to come into contact with each other, creating a pleasant atmosphere and friendly quality that if nothing is another kind of disappearance in the current era.

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  SOUNDDESIGN - event's music makers
  [Heraklion, Crete]
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