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TAR-EVRSv1t1 - Apparatus Rolling Shutter
TAR-EVRSv1t1 - Apparatus Rolling Shutter strap on Electrical Resistance to Wind Load is designed by TARGET to conduct Initial type testing in accordance with the requirements of the harmonized standard EN13659 for the classification of the covers to withstand loads (and indirectly control power function for manual covers) with the following characteristics:

  • Maximum specimen dimension (width x height) 3,500 mm X 3,000 mm, expandable up to 4,500 mm x 4,500 mm (optional).
  • Operating voltage 230V ~ / 50Hz
  • Measuring power operation of the rolls with a belt, according to EN13527
  • Measurement of the transmitted power of electric coils in accordance with EN12045
  • Measurement of resistance to wind load in accordance with EN1932.

The construction of the device is folded metal for greater flexibility and economy but also sufficient stoivarotita. For very large and heavy electric shutters, the manufacturer should be consulted tinTARGET both space requirements and for additional work to support the device.

Measurements of the power function controlled by integrated automation (Measuring instruments - electric drive - control via PLC) and all the conditions laid down in the relevant testing standards and controls (tolerances times traction, speed curtain).

The device complies with the requirements of New Approach Directives for CE CE: the Low Voltage (LVD 2006/95/EE) Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMCD 2004/108/EE) and the Machinery (MD 2006/42/EE).

The device is offered only to manufacturers rolls to choose all the services of TARGET for the installation of laboratory tests initial release (ITT: Initial Type Testing) in the construction, including related documentation for both the Initial Release Test and the Control System Production (FPC: FactoryProduction Control).

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Place of Origin:Greece
Brand Name:Target Business Solutions
Model Number:TAR-EΒRSv1t1
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