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Toumpa-Paionias,kilkis, Axioupoli 
Postal Code:
GR 61400
About Us
The Tobacco Co-operative of Toumba of the Prefecture of Kilkis and the Company “RODONAS S.A.” (Pomegranate Tree Farm)

The Tobacco Co-operative of Toumba of the Prefecture of Kilkis was founded in 1983 in order to organise and trade its members’ production of eastern type tobacco. Today it is the longest lived tobacco co-operative, which was established as one of the leading co-operatives in production, processing and supply of the Virginia variety tobacco. Since its foundation and up to today, president is Stergios Peltekiadis.


In 1987, he moved on to full reconversion of his tobacco growing by replacing the Kaba Kulak (classic) variety with the Virginia variety. At the same time, he created for his members and operated a unit of 180 dryers under the supervision of the Co-operative’s technical personnel.

In 2005, the co-operative consisted of 180 members, with 4.500 quarter acres tobacco growing and a production of 1.348.000 kilos of Virginia variety tobacco.

In 2006, with the application of the new Common Rural Policy, almost all its members abandoned the Virginia tobacco growing and turned to the search of alternative growings.

Today the Co-operative consists of 80 members and has turned to the search and experimentation of new alternative tobacco growings. In this context and evaluating the data of the global and European market, it has already planted 2000 quarter acres of pomegranate trees, while planning to plant more different kinds of trees.

Aiming to expand its members’ plantations with high quality saplings at reasonable prices, the Co-operative was immediately engaged in producing multiplicative pomegranate matter.

At the same time, and targeting the product’s powerful and flexible access to the market, members of the co-operative created the company “RODONAS S.A.” (Pomegranate Tree Farm), which now activates in every section of the production, processing, promotion and trading of pomegranate products in the local and international market.

In cooperation with the company “RODONAS S.A.” (Pomegranate Tree Farm) , it supplies pomegranate plants to the co-operative as well as to anyone interested, under the regime of Agriculture by Contract. Today, over 150 producers, with over 3000 quarter acres pomegranate trees around the country, are contracted.


The establishment of the Tobacco Co-operative company is in Toumba, Paionia of the Prefecture of Kilkis.

It consists of a growing sorting, packaging (GR033548ΒΣΥΣΚΕ730) and fruit conservation unit, while a unit for the production and standardization of pomegranate juice is under construction. Furthermore, a specially formed area of 2 quarter acres is being used for the growing of pomegranate plants.  



“Rodonas”: Certified pomegranate products. 

The products of the company “To Rodi” (Pomegranate) are traded under the corporate name “Rodonas” (Pomegranate Orchard) and with the certification of complete management according to international standards (GlobalGAP). 

Products based on pomegranates, cherries, figs, stevia etc. are available in the market with the brand name “Rodonas”. 



The Pomegranate Tree 

The pomegranate tree, “Punica Granatum” (family Punicaceae), is a plant indigenous to the Middle East, which is grown in the Mediterranean countries from ancient times. It grows in a variety of soil and it is relatively resistant to salinity and drought. It is especially favoured by xerothermic climate and it is quite resistant to cold weather. It is also resistant to drought, but irrigation is necessary for a good production. Productions are bigger and of better quality if the soil is rich and deep with pH 5.5 to 7 and if it is irrigated often. The tree starts producing fruit the third year.

Its fruit, the pomegranate, has (depending on the variety) a sweet to sourish, pleasant flavour and bright colour. It is used as fresh fruit, even in many dishes, giving colour, aroma and flavour, or to make juice.

The Wonderful variety is the most widespread and commercial pomegranate tree variety. The fruit is big in size of a deep blue-red colour and is harvested in autumn (October-November). The skin is thick and hard. The flesh of the seeds is deep red with a juicy, pleasant taste and the seeds are of medium hardness.

The trees are planted with a distance of 5 metres between the lines and 4 metres along the lines and they are formed in a cup-like shape. 

Company Profile
 Basic Information
Greek Company Name: RODONAS SA
Greek Exporters Type: Producer
Trading Company
Company Categories: Greek - Agriculture (Fresh Fruit, Plants, Grapes, Plums, Pomegranate, Peaches, Kiwi, Bananas, Mandarins, Melons, Watermelons, Strawberries, Cherries, Apricots, Lemons, Apples, Orange, Organic Fresh Fruit, Outdoor Plants, Tropical Plants, Ornamental Plants)
Foodstuff (Other Foodstuff)
Contract Manufacturing: Design Service Offered
Company Certifications: Others
Factory Location: Toumpa-Paionias,kilkis, Axioupoli 
No. of R&D Staff: 3
Number of Employees: 6-15
 Ownership & Capital
Ownership Type: SA
Year Established: 2006
Legal Representative/Business Owner: Peltekiadis Stergios
 Trade & Market
Main Markets: Northern Europe
Southern Europe
Total Annual Sales Volume (€): 100.000 - 300.000
Export Percentage (%): 50-60
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