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Greek Products(5)
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Contact Us
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Manolis Plataniotis
125 Monastiriou str.
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About Us
  Who we are

OTS was founded in 1993 to realize a vision: the modernization of public administration. Technology would be the means, and tangible results the objective.
Our remit is to provide high-quality, integrated IT solutions – putting in place the infrastructure for a flexible and effective public administration that will meet the increased demands of the modern citizen. Combining expert knowledge, responsibility and the power of technology, we design products focused always on the benefit of the individual and the community.
Our objective is to ensure the total satisfaction of our clients, employees and shareholders. The strategic parameters that differentiate us from other enterprises in the field are the profound knowledge, our specialized solutions tailored to each market, our excellent quality-cost ratio, the reliability of our products and the superb quality of our services.
Since 1993, we have been playing an active and important role in all stages of computerization of the public sector, from the very first phase to the current stage of relative maturity, making a vital contribution to the penetration of information technology in government departments and services. In 1994, we developed and installed the first Financial Management application in a public-sector organisation, and in 2004 we set up the country’s first Inter-Municipal IT System for Computerized Public Services.
"Pioneers in everything we do"

  How we work

Our key comparative advantage is our workforce. Our people produce quality software and provide services of the highest calibre. The company has put in place simple and flexible operational structures, which allow it to work quickly and efficiently. A sense of team spirit is vital, while integrity has been essential throughout the growth of the company and defines the way in which we conduct all our business activities.
This commitment to integrity means that all our actions and relationships are founded on certain inviolable principles: We treat our clients with respect, fulfil our commitments and promises and provide secure, reliable products of the highest possible quality. All our relations – within and outside the company – are guided by an unwavering sense of honesty and fair play. We have a keen sense of social responsibility and make a positive contribution to the community around us.
"OTS is a team sport"

  What we do

Focused always on the needs of the user, we design innovative and ground-breaking products which make maximum use of the new technologies. All our products are inspired by the philosophy of open architecture and are designed with a broad range of parameters – allowing the product to adjust to the organization, not the organization to the product.
Innovative but reliable, effective and easy to operate, fully aligned with the statutory framework appropriate to each situation but remaining simple and straightforward – our company’s programmes have won over their final users, allowing them to carry out their everyday tasks quickly and efficiently.
Designed with respect for those working in the public administration, our products incorporate not only our own many years of experience but also the invaluable input of our clients themselves. In order to do our utmost to meet the needs of our clients, we have developed a wide range of products to meet all their most basic operational requirements.
"Innovation, imagination and determination"

  What we have achieved

As a result of our hard work we now have more than 5000 users at more than 700 facilities in hundreds of different organizations and services at every level of public administration, all across the country, performing their daily tasks through our applications. Not to mention hundreds of thousands of citizens conducting their business with the public sector more efficiently with the support of systems developed and supported by our company.
Our satisfied customers assure us that we have taken a significant step towards realizing our initial objective. For our part, we intend to proceed with the same zeal and commitment to the final attainment of our vision.
"True to our commitments"
Company Profile
 Basic Information
Greek Company Name: OTS SA
Greek Exporters Type: Producer
Trading Company
Business Service (Transportation, finance, travel, Ads, etc)
Company Categories: Greek - Electronics & Computers (Software, Computer Services)
Business Services (Internet services, IT Services, Consultans Services)
Company Certifications: ISO 9001:2008
No. of R&D Staff: 40
Number of Employees: 51-100
 Ownership & Capital
Ownership Type: SA
Year Established: 1993
 Trade & Market
Main Markets: Western Europe
Southern Europe
Total Annual Sales Volume (€): 5 Million++
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