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Bioagros S.A.
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Greek Products(2)
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Contact Us
Greek Company Name:
Bioagros S.A.
Contact person:
Tsongidis Kostas
Vas.Pavlou 2
Kria Vrisi, Pella
Postal Code:
About Us

The Bioagros is a network of producers, agronomists, packers that operate in concert in Greece with the aim of stable and organized throughout the year providing the market high quality organic products, according to the strictest European standards.The Bioagros coordinated action of about 200 producers in Greece with a total area of ​​600 ha, covering the whole range of fruits and vegetables and whole geographical area of ​​Greece. Coordination includes organizing, planning and monitoring of production, technical support, procurement of supplies, and education.

The company Bioagros Inc. is one of the leading companies in Greece with ten years experience in organic farming. Organizing production, technical support to producers and end standardizes and packages fresh and processed organic products.The headquarters are located in central Macedonia, in Cold Faucet Giannitson, in Pella, known for its high quality of agricultural products. With modern technological equipment, are able to satisfy all the needs in packaging, modern ever-changing market.The system is supported by a team of agronomists 'all over Greece - which began with simple farmers - which now offers the market genuine certified organic products taste better, more nutrients and free from synthetic chemicals.The company has owned premises 1500m., Refrigerator, pack fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as fleet vehicles to ensure the immediate and rapid transportation of products throughout Greece.

Today Bioagros produces a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables that packages and promotes the markets of Greece and abroad. To this end cooperates with many organic farms and organic farmers groups in Greece, so that a wide variety of products and continuous market presence.Besides fresh fruits and vegetables a Bioagros provides a selection of traditional Greek products such as virgin olive oil, olives, feta cheese, jams, ouzo, wine, pickles and more.

Our experience, high organizational level and scope of our nationwide guarantee the best result for each partner wholesaler, chain store, super market, catering.


  • We understand our personal responsibility for the progress of human society and the planet.
  • Every moment, every activity of each has an impact on many enormous social and environmental problems.
  • We strive for a humane and civilized society takes care continuously for the sustainability of the planet and prosperity.
  • We strive for a society actors and citizens, not spectators.
  • We aim, we design, implement.
  • Highlight the richness of the Greek land and Greek societies and traditions, through their historical path.
  • We respect the consumer and strive to continually monitor and improve our quality assurance systems of our food.
Contact - to inform consumers continuously through articles, speeches, presentations, to first raise awareness for the citizen's relationship with society and the environment and getting to know our products.
Educate the new generation
Only in 2005 were in our more than twenty (20) visits to schools where the children were informed and sensitized on environmental issues, nutrition, and behavior of citizens in relation to natural resources.
Educate - inform producers
More than one hundred (100) talks in Greece became the last year alone, with the aim of turning producer with quality, well-organized organic farming, always focusing on the consumer.
Investing in exports
Investing in openness that boosts the Greek economy. We export organic products and with them the Greek culture. In 2005 alone we invested a total of 50,000 euros for the promotion of Greek products in foreign markets.
  • We work closely with the AUTH to implement educational and research programs aimed at continued development of organic agriculture.
  • We work closely with various research centers in Greece and abroad to study various problems in production.
  • We constantly review the sampling and testing of residues in our products. Every time we least 15 residues analysis, beyond the basic making the inspection bodies.
  • We strive to protect the citizens from the scourge of GM food products.certifications

There are independent agencies accredited by the state and control throughout the duration of culture, life and the processing of agricultural products that are produced under the conditions needed to be Organic. If everything is in accordance with the principles of organic farming, then certified by these organizations to "seal" that exists in the package which guarantees that the product is organic. Also, a packer and retailer of these products are certified by the same audit institutions to be able to process or sell these products in "bulk" form, under his own responsibility. This detailed series of checks, warrants that the products you purchase, provided \ as is accredited, it is quite definitely organic.On \ 'Furthermore, the control system is applied universally, and for its proper implementation, involved agencies and outside the Greek territory.

The company Bioagros, tested and certified in accordance with Regulation 2092/91 EU the certificate organization BIO HELLAS.
On the basis of the decision published in the Gazette 1219V/4-10-00 (harmonization with Council Directive 93/43/EEC of the European Union), all operators must follow all the points that may affect food safety the development and implementation of system HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points / Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points).
The company Bioagros has joined the International Management System Food Safety - Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point HACCP.
The company participates actively in Bioagros Collective Alternative Management System "S. S. E. M. RECYCLING".

The company has patented Bioagros Greek products exported, the German institution Biological Labeling, BIOSIEGEL

Company Profile
 Basic Information
Greek Company Name: Bioagros S.A.
Greek Exporters Type: Producer
Company Categories: Greek - Agriculture (Olive Oil, Nuts & Kernels, Fresh Vegetables, Fresh Fruit, Legumes, Cereals, Organic Fresh Fruit, Kiwi, Organic Vegetables, Organic Nuts & Kernels, Rice, Beans , Chickpeas, Organic Legumes, Lentils, Organic Olive Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil)
Foodstuff (Cooking Oil, Bakery Products, Dairy Products , Honey, Canned Food, Olives, Pasta, Bakery & Cookery Ingredients, Organic Oils, Organic Olives, Canned Fruit, Canned Vegetables, Feta, Flour)
Beverage (Alcoholic Beverage, Wine, Ouzo, Tsipouro & Raki, Rose Wine, White Wine, Red Wine)
Company Certifications: HACCP
Factory Location: Vas.Pavlou 2
 Ownership & Capital
Ownership Type: SA
Year Established: 2001
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