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Ta Mylelia Water Mill Ltd.
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Greek Products(13)
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Contact Us
Greek Company Name:
Ta Mylelia Water Mill Ltd.
Contact person:
Sofia Karagiannidi
Ippios – Lesvos Island (Water Mill) Main office: 29, Limni Marathonos Avenue - Agios Stefanos , Athens, Second Branch: Akrata Ahaias (Peloponnese) Water Mill
Postal Code:
About Us
Ta Mylelia ’ Water Mill … is the embodiment of a life-long passion for the forgotten tastes of rural Greece. 
In 1992, we renovated a 305 year-old watermill on the Greek island of Lesvos. Soon after restoration, the mill began producing kilos of stone-ground flour each day. To put this healthy, all-natural, durum wheat flour to good use, we created a line of homemade, traditional Greek pasta, all-bran pasta, and gourmet flavoured pasta like saffron pasta, squid ink pasta and pasta kneaded with ouzo and feta cheese.
This was the start.These naturally air-dried, uniquely shaped pastas were so successful that we decided to further develop our line to include handmade, all -natural traditional Greek products, all in small quantities. These were based on the prototype of the old fashioned, seasonal family cellar of our grandparent’s generation.

Our All-Natural, Traditional Greek Products
To imbue our products with authentic homemade tastes, we use only the highest quality fruits and vegetables, grown especially for us on small family farms which we visit every season. All of our products are traditionally made, not on an assembly line but at individual home-style kitchen stations where a single person prepares each day, only one product from start to finish, in a quantity of no more than 80 to 120 jars. They are all based on traditional Greek and Mediterranean recipes, typical of the Mediterranean diet, a proven beneficial regime proscribing healthy recipes and healthy eating. The revival of the cottage industry into modern life is our principal goal. Therefore, ‘Ta Mylelia’ Water Mill range includes a large variety of almost-forgotten recipes, as well as many new ones inspired by Christina Panteleimonitis, the founder of ‘Ta Mylelia’ Water Mill. Many of Christina’s ideas and thoughts can be found in her cookbook ‘Ta Mylelia-a Family Concern’ published by ‘Livanis’.

Traditional Preservation Methods, Certified Products 
We use no preservatives in our products, basing our production on old, traditional preservation methods for pasta dehydration and jar pasteurization. Olive oil, vinegar, salt, sugar, liqueur, honey, sterilization and most of all strict hygienic conditions are our ‘secrets’ for long lasting 100% natural products. We have been certified for the International Food Safety Management System HACCP-ISO 22000:2005 and take extra care on the allergen categories. We have participated in the recycling program since 2004 and have barcode numbers on all our products. Our quality control program includes crosschecking of expiration dates by specialists, detailed laboratory analysis and complete traceability. Our labels are offered in 5 languages, all complying with the Food Labeling Regulations.

Most Popular and Award-Winning Products
We have won 10 gold and silver awards in international competitions for products like virgin olive oil with olive branch, herbal tea with orange peel, smoked aubergine caviar, honey dessert with nuts and raisins, mandarin preserve with whiskey, tomato sauce with celery and pineapple, smoked black olives, smoked garlic with mastiha, rose grape vinegar with fresh thyme and white grape vinegar with fresh mint. We are proud to say that 65% of our ‘Ta Mylelia’ Water Mill products are sold around the world, serving as small but true ‘ambassadors’ of our country’s quality products. They can be found in exclusive gourmet shops and restaurants but not in supermarkets due to the small handmade quantities in which they are produced. Being highly gourmet-delicatessen products, they are ideal for gift baskets, Christmas hampers and as restaurant and catering supplies. Our product line includes Greek honey desserts, marmalades, jams, flavored olive oil, tomato sauces, spices, Greek cheeses, sea salt, vegetables in olive oil, aromatic vinegars, Greek appetizers, pates, trahanas, bulghar, taffy sweets, rice, risottos, pickles, ouzo mitiline, products with saffron, products with mastiha, olive oil soap, marmalades and sweets with no sugar, specialty olives and herbal teas.

Traditional Pasta 
It all started with the mill.  Sadly, the watermill on our home island of Lesvos had fallen into disrepair. We painstakingly and lovingly restored it and today its great wooden wheels are turning again, running water being its sole energy source. Suddenly we found ourselves with a daily yield of 80 kilos of stone ground flour, milled at low temperatures to preserve its natural texture and nutritious qualities. In order to find use for this wonderful whole grain flour and to make the mill self supporting, the idea of a small pasta workshop was suggested and Ta Mylelia or ‘the old watermill’ was born.We had always dreamed of revitalizing traditional, homemade pasta and here was our chance. We wanted to reintroduce the goodness of products made in small quantities with care and diligence. 
Today the Ta Mylelia line includes 40 plain egg and fresh vegetable flavours as well as pasta kneaded with smoked salmon, squid ink or saffron.
A Special Note 
We would like to emphasize some of our pasta’s unique characteristics. 
1. Each pasta variety is made with personal care and only the finest natural ingredients. 
2. We use only high-quality durum wheat cultivated under strictly controlled conditions in small fields surrounding our water mill. The grain is stone ground into flour at low temperatures using water as its only power source. 
3. Only fresh eggs, extra virgin olive oil, pure sea salt, freshly ground spices, herbs and vegetables- bought fresh, washed, peeled, cooked and pulped in our kitchen-are used. 
4. Most importantly, we air-dry our pasta at room temperature-not in an oven-on special wooden racks for 5-7 days in order to preserve its full aroma and nutritional value. The pasta's pores remain open, ready to absorb any sauce. 
5. Our pasta, because it is air-dried, boils like fresh pasta; in about 2 minutes. The perfect ingredient for busy people!

Ta Mylelia' Delicacy Food Products
Inspiration from our Grandparents
Our decision to produce a variety of products, all in small quantities, is based on the traditional Greek family cellar of our grandparents’ generation. They made many seasonal preserves using the surplus fruits and vegetables their gardens produced. This way, not only were they able to make a variety of tasty goods for use throughout the year, but they also managed to control the quality because of the small quantity produced each time.
Traditional Means of Production, Modern Standards for Health
Ta Mylelia products are made from almost forgotten recipes- recipes with no preservatives used.  All are produced under strict hygienic conditions. ‘Ta Mylelia’ is certified with the International Food Safety Management System ISO 22000:2005. According to this program, we (the management and  personnel of our company) have committed ourselves to following all rules and laws concerning quality and safety of the food we produce, pack, store and sell to our clients. We also participate in the recycling program, have Greek, English, French, Swedish and German labels, as well as barcode numbers. All our products are handmade, there is no production line. Our products are 100% natural and are produced with the allergen categories kept in mind. Ten of our products have won gold and silver awards in ‘Great Taste Awards’ food competition in London.‘Ta Mylelia’ products are sold in exclusive gourmet shops and restaurants but not in supermarkets.
The expiration dates have been crosschecked by specialists and laboratory analysis. Our products are preservative-free, this is achieved by traditional methods for pasta dehydration and pasteurization of the jars . We have the ability to trace from raw material to the final product . 

A Healthy Diet
The traditional Greek diet is recognized and admired worldwide. It is based on seasonal produce, mostly vegetables, pulses, fish, olive oil, olives, wine and homemade sweets from the family orchard. The production system was domestic;  quantities were limited while variety was infinite.  It is a replication of this domestic production system we strive to create every day at 'Ta Mylelia'. 
Company Profile
 Basic Information
Greek Company Name: Ta Mylelia Water Mill Ltd.
Greek Exporters Type: Producer
Trading Company
Company Categories: Greek - Agriculture (Cereals, Olive Oil, Legumes, Rice, Chickpeas, Extra Virgin Olive Oil)
Foodstuff (Greek Traditional Products, Cooking Oil, Instant Meals, Delicatessen, Confectionery, Dairy Products , Canned Food, Olives, Pasta, Bakery & Cookery Ingredients, Canned Fish, Canned Vegetables, Feta, White Cheese, Candy & Sweets, Jams, Appetizers, Sausages, Instant Sea Food Meals , Instant Vegetable Meals, Kouskous Chilopites Trachanas, Traditional Greek Sweets, Appetizers, Feta, Fruit Candy, Sweets, Vanilla, Vinegar, Salt)
Beverage (Alcoholic Beverage, Tea, Juice, Ouzo, Tsipouro & Raki)
Company Certifications: HACCP
Factory Location: Ippios – Lesvos Island (Water Mill)
 Ownership & Capital
Ownership Type: Ltd
Year Established: 1992
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