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Diamond Jools SA
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Contact Us
Greek Company Name:
Diamond Jools SA
Contact person:
Antonis Antoniou
Ermou 53
Postal Code:
About Us

Company of trading diamonds and manufacturing gold parts for jewellery .


Creating a beautiful solitaire. On-line site that you choose the color-purity - the size of a certified diamond.

With consistency and love jewelry at Diamond're here to help you with any questions or concerns you may have. Whether you need help navigating our site, or have questions about our jewelry, or just need help deciding what ring is best for your needs.

Features Diamond 4C's

All diamonds are rare, but some are rarer. To determine the characteristics and value of a diamond should know the "4 C".

The best combination of these four characteristics determines the highest value of the diamond.

The 4 main features of the diamonds must be taken into account for correct calculation of the value of a diamond are:
Color (Color) - Cut (Cut) - Carat (Carat) - Clarity (Clarity)

For more information read each feature separately.

Clarity (Clarity)

The purity of a diamond is an important factor in determining its value. Diamonds without inclusions, ie without internal microscopic defects that are visible with a magnifying lens 10x is really rare. Small flaws called inclusions are particularly common. The smaller the inclusions (or their absence) as more valuable and more valuable the diamond will be mas.Einai obvious that differences in purity between similar diamonds are very difficult to identify from amateur one and only one Gemmology, using a special white light and a magnifying lens, can determine if a diamond falls in the category VVS (especially very small inclusions) or category VS (very small inclusions). In the eyes of an amateur can look like the same when in fact there are notable differences in the value tous.Gia therefore advised to always ask about the characteristics of diamond you want to get.

Cutter (Cut)

The cut is one that allows the diamond to release the maximum amount of light. When a diamond is cut to proper proportions, light is refracted "diylizontas" white light to millions of rays with the colors of the rainbow. The cutting can bring out the maximum brilliance of a diamond. Surely it is the most important of the 4C since the better the quality of the cutting, the more sparkle will come through this unique and so precious stone. The cut is the only feature that is directly linked to the human factor. It is important to distinguish between cutting a diamond is a purely technical matter, the shape of which is essentially a personal choice.

Color (Color)

The color of a diamond is one of the most important features. The whiter a diamond reflects more light. Obviously, this property significantly affects the value of each diamond. A diamond color E or D (ie the optimal white) can cost 50% more than a stone's color H, since all other features are the same (cut, carat and clarity).

Carat (Cut)


When talking about diamonds (or gemstones in general), the carat is simply the unit used to measure the weight and corresponds to 0.20 grams. The carat, which is generally referred to as Ct., Is the unit weight of a gemstone.The one carat stone is equally important for the determination of value, not only because obviously the value increases depending on the carat, but also because larger stones cost much more than smaller stones of the same weight. This means for example that a 0.60 carat diamond is much larger value than 2 diamonds of 0.30 carats. 

Company Profile
 Basic Information
Greek Company Name: Diamond Jools SA
Greek Exporters Type: Producer
Trading Company
Company Categories: Greek - Jewelry - Art - Gifts (Jewelry, Gifts, Modern Art, Earings, Necklaces, Bracelets, Rings)
Factory Location: Ermou 53,Athens
Number of Employees: 6-15
 Ownership & Capital
Ownership Type: SA
Year Established: 2009
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