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Greek Products(17)
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Contact Us
Greek Company Name:
Contact person:
Petroula Pateraki Popi Skagia
Kolokotroni 4, Krioneri Attica
Postal Code:
145 68
About Us

Th.C. Skagias S.A. has been active in the production of stationery products for over 50 years.The company has a vast range of products, which are mainly produced on site in Greece, using machinery which is continuously upgraded, so as to meet the stringent demands of our clients and the EU for the health and safety of our employees and, equally as important, for the protection of our environment .

The Th.K. Skagias SA has as a priority, the continuous renewal of equipment, using the latest, modern and secure technology manufacturing products that inspire confidence and security for its customers and final consumers of its products. As a result of certification of the production process at ISO 9001, seeks to ensure  the high quality of its products.  

Awards : The SKAG has both in Greece and abroad received several quality awards: 

a. ΙΙΙ Europe Award
b. International Victory Award
c. Mercury Award
d. European Gold Star for Quality

Markets: Markets – as the old adage goes-“think globally, but act locally” and over the past 3 decades, the company has become the market leader in Greece and a strong player in many other international markets.

Exports: SKAG products can be found in over 35 countries on all continents, but our major international markets are in South East Europe, the Mediterranean, most of the EU and the Middle East. 

Products: The company produces more than 900 paper products, which have been placed into three different categories under the Company logo:

  • SKAG..............................................School Paper Products
1. Notebook with spiral and subjects 2. Exercise books 3. Ring binders 4. Childrens drawing pads 5. Aquarelle pads 6. Drawing pads
  • SKAG & PAPER...............................Paper Stationery
1.Writing Pads 2. Spiral pads 3. Note pads 4. Envelopes 5. Cubes 6. Special pads 7. Telephone indexes
  • SKAG SYSTEMS..............................Filing Products
1.Lever arch files 2. Portfolios 3. Display files 4. Commercial files 5. Boxes 6. Special Files 7. Clear pockets 8. Indexes.

SKAG obtains paper and cardboard from companies of the European Union who are certified with FSC certification.

Ecological Consciousness
Paper - Cultured, Controlled Forest
Paper - Bleaching without chlorine
Plastic - PVC Without Cadmium
Metal Parts - Not Rusting
Inks - Non Toxic
Use of PP Polypropylene
Recycling paper and cardboard, plastic

Our aim is to provide and develop ecologically sound writing and filing products that promote development, structure and knowledge.  

    Ecological Awareness

    We take ecological awareness very seriously as we believe that it is a responsibility for the environment is an issue for every one of us individually and collectively. Everyone can make a difference with their choices.

    Over the past years  we can all be sure that we have used products that are anything but good, both for the environment and our health. This applies to most stages of a product's life - from being produced on sites that pollute the atmosphere, water tables and land, through to their final disposal. To that end, we would like to inform you of some of the key points which apply to the production of our stationery products.

    Paper - from cultivated forests. The trees used for making the paper which we use in our production is farmed specifically for this purpose and therefore replanted. These products include exercise books, notebooks, pads etc.

    Paper bleaching - the paper we use is not bleached using chlorine, which is a very toxic chemical and extremely bad for the environment. Our paper is bleached using ozone or oxygen.

    Plastics - where possible we use PP - polypropylene - as it is a type of plastic that is made of hydrogen and oxygen - therefore it breaks down into elements which are harmless to the environment and is considered to be biodegradable. When it is not possible to use PP we do use PVC which is strictly monitored and tested for traces of cadmium. Cadmium is commonly used in the colouring process of PVC. It is a heavy metal and highly toxic and carcinogenic and unfortunately present in many products. Examples of our PP products are Lever Arch files. PVC without cadmium is used in our display files and also our PVC exercise books.

    Metallic components - they do not rust. These are mainly used in our lever arch files - the Rado, eyelets, metallic corners and mechanisms. We also use spiral in our drawing pads and spiral notebooks and obviously have to pay extra attention to the safety features of these products as they are used by children.

    Nontoxic inks - used for ruling and printing.

    Recycling of paper and board - we have been recycling our waste board and paper since 1970.

    Recycling of plastic - we collect all our plastic waste and give it to a company who recycles it.

    Industrial Waste - Anything that is left is collected in special containers and disposed of accordingly.

    Total Quality - we see the issue of quality from a holistic perspective. It is not only an issue of product quality but the quality of our whole process. When someone buys a SKAG product, they are buying a product which is branded with a barcode, thus guaranteeing through the ISO process, traceability. They are buying a product that is safe for use, availability in peak season and high quality service from all our people - production, warehouse, sales.  

    We should also point out that as the biggest producer in Greece, we use our position to promote and support any effort that has to do with a cleaner and safer environment, like Clean Greece for example.

    We here at SKAG therefore urge you, in whatever role you have, to show Ecological Awareness - in all facets of your life. Choose products that are as far as possible ecological and safe, produced by people who are adults and work in decent conditions; support efforts to keep the environment clean; recycle. We can all make a difference!

    Company Profile
     Basic Information
    Greek Company Name: SKAG - TH.C.SKAGIAS S.A.
    Greek Exporters Type: Producer
    Company Categories: Greek - Office & School Supplies (Stationery, School Products, Office & School Supplies, Other Office & School Products, Art Supplies, Office Equipment, Notepads & Notebooks, Other Office Supplies, Exersice Books, Filing Products, Desk Organizer, Drawing Pads & Blocks)
    Company Certifications: ISO 9001:2000
    ISO 9001:2008
    Factory Location: Kolokotroni 4, Krioneri Attica, Greece
    Number of Employees: 101-500
     Ownership & Capital
    Ownership Type: SA
    Year Established: 1956
     Trade & Market
    Main Markets: Western Europe
    Northern Europe
    Southern Europe
    Eastern Europe
    Mid East
    Total Annual Sales Volume (€): 5 Million++
    Export Percentage (%): 20-30
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